Tuesday, August 17, 2010

City of Glass by Cassandra Clare

I finished City of Glass and I have to say that The Mortal Instruments is one of the best series I have ever read. City of Bones crushed me a little with the news that Clary and Jace were really brother and sister. I was stubborn though and I refused to believe it. I immediately ran over to pick up City of Ashes. City of Ashes was even more exciting then the first book in the series. It was in that book that I realized why everybody is always raving about Magnus Bane. He is a very….sparkly character. I of course was also driven crazy by the end of that book when Jace “lies” to Clary and says he will just be her brother from now on…You are killing me Cassandra Clare!

City of Glass picks up right after City of Ashes. Clary’s mother is still in her magically induced coma but now, thanks to Madeline, Clary knows how to save her and the only one who can help her is in Idris. The reader hears a lot about Idris in the previous books but we are never really introduces to it until this book. Despite Clary’s reasons for wanting to go to Idris Jace is determined to prevent her from going. Jace fears that Clary’s heightened Shadowhunter abilities will make her desired by the Clave. After an unexpected demon attack Jace manages to succeed in leaving Clary behind but ends up bringing Simon with instead. Let’s just say that the new Inquisitor is not too pleased to see a vampire come through the portal and he has some plans for Simon.

Jace may have succeeded initially but Clary being the determined person she is creates her own portal and ends up in Idris with Luke anyways. Shortly after arriving in Idris Clary meets a new tall dark haired boy who seems strangely familiar. Sebastian quickly offers to help Clary in her pursuit for the warlock who can help her cure her mother. Valentine is still moving forward with his plans to attack the Clave and Idris. He has the sword and the cup and now he just needs the mirror. The only way to defeat his demon army may be for Shadowhunters and Downworlders to work together. Putting aside there differences and petty jealousies may prove to be impossible. Only Clary seems to hold the key to uniting them against Valentine.

City of Glass is action packed and laced with declarations of love *squeal*. I can’t wait to continue this series with City of Fallen Angels which is scheduled to release April 5, 2011. At least I will have Clockwork Angel to tide me over in the meantime and I only have to wait 2 more weeks for it!

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