Thursday, August 12, 2010

Amy and Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson

I love road trip books and in honor of my upcoming road trip across the country I decided to post my review of Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour. This is Morgan Matson’s debut novel and it is fabulous. The attention to detail in this book is what makes it a five star read for me. The playlists, pictures, receipts, locations, and even the people they meet along the way all fit flawlessly into the story and make it that much richer.

Amy Curry has been dealing with the sudden death of her father. Amy feels responsible for his death and refuses to get behind the wheel. Her life in California has been tough since the accident, but it is also her home. Now Amy’s mother has decided to move the family to Connecticut. Her mother has left early to get there new place set up so Amy will be forced to make the trip across the country with the son of a family friend.

Roger has his own set of baggage he is bringing along on this road trip. A recent breakup has him all torn up and felt with issues of his own. He knows that he is making this trip because Amy can’t do it herself and he needs the ride to Philadelphia, but he is still not thrilled about it. Amy’s mother has planned out the trip down to the last detail but where is the fun in that? Roger and Amy agree to make a few unplanned stops along the way and soon Amy and Roger realize that life is lived in the detours we take. This book is about finding yourself and as they make their way across the country they are able to face their pasts and even find each other in the process.

I read this book a little while ago and I still find myself picking it up to reread some favorite passages. I can honestly say that this book is a keeper and I recommend that if you like a feel good book with twists and turns and a touch of romance this is a great book to pick up.

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