Thursday, July 1, 2010

Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

I think that I must have a fixation with books involving wolves. I just love the idea of shape shifting into a wolf. There is just something so sexy about a werewolf…yum! Jennifer Lynn Barnes has delivered a book that has it all: suspense, humor, mystery, action, romance, and hot wolfity goodness! Oh and BTW…how can you not pick this up? The cover alone is phenomenal!

Raised by wolves is about Bryn, a fifteen-year-old living amongst a pack of werewolves. Her family was attacked and killed by a Rabid (loner/killer werewolf) when she was four and she was saved by Callum (the alpha of the pack). Having a human around is risky and so Callum “Marked” Bryn to show the rest of the pack that she belonged to him and she was not to be harmed. Bryn was also legally adopted by Callum but raised by the only other human in the pack, Alie.

Suddenly Bryn is being given bodyguards (babysitters as far as she is concerned) and no one will tell her why. Alie is pregnant with a werewolf baby and most humans don't survive the birth so Bryn agrees to go with it. But during Alie’s labor Bryn can’t take it anymore so she sneaks out to head to Callum’s.

What she finds at Callum’s is anything then what she expected. When she heads downstairs she finds Chase locked in a cage. He says he was bitten and then shifts into a wolf (uncontrollably), bring back the memories of her parent’s murder. Where did this boy come from? Why was he kept a secret from her? Who bit him? All of these questions seem to draw Bryn to Chase because he may be the only one who can provide the information she needs. But in order to be granted permission to see Chase she must accept a few conditions.

Soon Chase and Bryn begin to form an intense bond, one that may even overshadow their bonds to the pack. After Bryn is punished (understatement) Alie takes Bryn and the twins and leaves the pack but not even the distance can truly separate Bryn and Chase. Soon Bryn, Chase, Lake, and Devon (her two best friends – both werewolves) set out to track down the Rabid and kill him once and for all.

Trial By Fire (the next book in the series) will be out next year and once you read Raised by Wolves I am very confident that you will be as anxious as me to get your hands on it. I loved this book and I know you will too!

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