Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves

Bleeding Violet is the most bizarre and amazing book I have read this year. I am not exaggerating when I say that you will literally be reading this book and suddenly say “WTF?!” out loud. This town that Dia has created (Portero, Texas) is full of monsters (too many to even mention), a suicide door, portals to other locations, and a very shady history. This town has enough crazy to go around….enter Hanna.

Hanna is crazy….no literally she is crazy. She is a little strange and hallucinating about her dead father is just the icing on the cake. Hanna is obsessed with purple (hence the title). She even makes her own purple dresses and never goes out in anything but one of her dresses and a pair of heels. Hanna comes to Portero to keep from being sent to an institution. When Hanna shows up on her Rosalie’s (her mother’s) door step it is clear that Hanna is not welcome. But Hanna is stubborn and will not take no for an answer.

When Hanna starts school she immediately realizes that there is defiantly something strange about this town. Why does everybody wear black? Why does everyone wear earplugs in class? Oh but wait, not everybody is in all black. Wyatt appears on the scene in all of his gorgeousness wearing a lovely shade of green and kicking some major monster ass. Hanna is immediately determined to become a fixture in his life.

Turns out, Wyatt is a member of a group called the Mortmaine, a group of hunters that protects Portero. Despite all of the killing, fighting, and literally being eaten going on it is amazing that Hanna and Wyatt find time to fit romance into the mix. I feel the need to once again say how incredibly insane this book is (wait until you read the naked by the lake scene) but it is also amazing once you finish it. Oh and the cover art is fantastic! How can you not pick it up off the shelf? FYI – this book is more mature then your average YA book. Hanna and Wyatt have a sexual relationship and some scenes are a little bloody/graphic. If you love it as much as I did you will be happy to know that Dia Reeves is releasing another book set in the crazy town of Portero, Texas. Slice of Cherry will be out January 2011! New characters same crazy town! I cant wait!


Ronni said...

Well, my Google Reader didn't seem fit to show me all your posts until about 30 minutes ago (along with more than 100 other posts, eek!). Anyway, I LOVED this book. Hanna is so loveable. My favorite line is when she goes "Damn, I'm pretty." How can you not love her? :)

Anne said...

I know I loved it! She was so amazingly crazy! Dia must be alittle off her rocker but I am still excited for Slice of Cherry.

How have you been Roni? Congrats on your anniversary with Adam (saw your post on twitter)!

Ronni said...

I'm excited for Slice of Cherry too. I just started following Dia's blog. Anyone who created Hanna has to be entertaining, right? ;)

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