Friday, July 9, 2010

Linger by Maggie Stiefvater

If you have not read Shiver….first of all, shame on you (lol) and second of all, this might spoil that book for you. I promise not to give spoilers for Linger here because Maggie might come after me. We all know how she feels about reading the last page first so giving you spoilers might provoke her lol.

At the end of Shiver we were left with the warm and fuzzies. Sam is human again! Yay! Grace and Sam can be together and take care of the wolves and just keep looking for a way to cure the others in between all of their happy times. But this is a series so Maggie Stiefvater decided to crush our dreams by disrupting Sam and Grace’s perfect little future…it is so worth it though!

I was able to get my hands on a copy of Linger early this week and I just finished last night and holy crap it was good! Linger made by laugh, cry and even yell at the book at one point. No joke I was sitting next to my roommate on the couch and I suddenly screamed “NOOOOO!” That damn Tom Culpeper! My roommate defiantly thinks I have lost my mind but oh well.

As for Linger, the story picks up pretty much were we left off in Shiver. Sam is human and it is late winter/early spring in Mercy Falls. The new wolves will be falling out of their coats and into their human skins soon. The new wolves may be shifting already due to their unstable nature. This is where Cole comes in. Shiver was told from Sam and Grace’s point of views but Linger adds Isabel and Cole to the mix. I love getting into Cole’s head. He is all dark and twisty and oh did I mention Hot yet? I love Sam but Cole is giving him a run for his money. I mean he is simply swoon worthy. I think that a big part of Linger is focused on everyone trying to figure out where they fit. Grace feels not quite right in her skin, Sam is having trouble accepting that he actually has a future now, Isabel is raked with guilt over Jack’s death, and Cole is trying to escape his past by losing his humanity to the wolf inside him.

A testament to Maggie’s awesomeness: Linger starts to dive into what causes the change from human to wolf and vice versa. There may be more to it then temperature. While I was reading the book and Cole was musing about this issue I found myself nodding and thinking “Good point Cole, why did I never think of that?” I feel like I want to research how to cure the wolves. Like I can find the answer to the fictional enigma that Maggie has presented. I know I am crazy but it is that good and I feel so invested in the story now. Keep in mind that this is a three book series so the ending will literally make you scream in agony, “Why, oh why must I wait a whole year for Forever to come out!?” I thought waiting for Linger was bad but waiting for Forever is going to be almost unbearable! As I mentioned in my previous post Linger will be released officially on the 13th so you must pick it up you will not be disappointed!

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