Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Captivate by Carrie Jones

This book was good but frustrated me. This is a series and so I should expect that the perfect relationship that Zara and Nick start at the end of Need will have to be shaken up a bit throughout the series but grrrr! I love Zara and Nick together and this book changes things A LOT. I am going to try not to give any spoilers away for Captivate in this review but if you have not read Need then you might not want to read this because I guarantee their will be Need spoilers to follow.

In the first book (read review here) we find out that Zara is not your average teenage girl. She is half pixie and there are those out there that would like to make her their Queen. Sounds good right? Wrong! The only ones standing in the way are Zara’s friends and her grandmother. Who, by the way, are Weres. Shape shifters who protect the town from the evil pixie population.

In Captivate, Zara and her friends think they have neutralized the pixie problem. They may have confined the King and his people but there is a new King in town, Astley, and once again he has his sights set on Zara. After something happens to Nick, Astley may be Zara’s only hope of saving him. But can she sacrifice her humanity for the one she loves? Astley swears that he and Zara are destined to be together and that he is one of the good guys. Can a pixie ever by trusted?

This book leaves you with MAJOR cliffhangers but I guess that can be expected. The third book in the series (I think their will be four books) will be out January 2011 and it is titled Entice. Captivate was good but it is really a filler between Need and Entice. Nothing is really resolved in this book and things just get more complicated.

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