Friday, April 16, 2010

Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey

I was reluctant to read this book because the title sounded kind of cheesy but I was wrong. Once you get into the second or third chapter you are hooked. I simply could not put it down. Antanasia Dragomir and Jessica Packwood are the same person but with very different destinies. Antanasia was a vampire princess betrothed to the son of another vampire family in an attempt to bring peace to the vampire world. Jessica is in her senior year of high school and focusing on her“get-a-life” plan.

Jessica was adopted by the Packwood's when they were studying her family (the Dragomir's) in Romania. After Antanasia's birth parents are attacked and killed the Packwood's agree to take the baby back to the U.S. and raise her as their own (changing her name to Jessica). Jessica has always know this side of the story but so much more has been kept from her. The truth about her past and who she really is presents itself in the form of Lucius Vladescu.

Lucius is the new exchange student from Romania. Having a hot foreign exchange student living with you seems like a good thing unless he claims to be a vampire, and your fiancé. Lucius is not happy that his future bride has no knowledge of her past or future but he is prepared to win her love and hand. Marrying a vampire does not fit in with Jessica's plans but it turns out that its not just Jessica's future at stake. There is a war brewing and her marriage to Lucius is the only thing that will end the feud between their two families. Lucius is not without his charm and soon Jessica begins to question her true feelings for him. But does she realize her feeling too late?

It's funny how Beth Fantaskey was able to introduce a character (Lucius) that the reader instantly is annoyed with, but by the end of the story the reader is yelling at Jessica for not grabbing him when she had the chance. I highly recommend this book!

Also Beth Fantaskey released a follow up story the Jessica's Guide on her website. So if you like this book you can get a little more of the story here.

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