Saturday, September 25, 2010

Love Sucks! by Melissa Francis

This is the sequel to Bite Me! by Melissa Francis. I really enjoyed this book. I have to say that it was better then the first one. I felt like the story was better developed and of coarse I was much happier with the romantic developments in this one. Keep in mind if you have not read the first book this review will contain some spoilers for that book so reader beware.

Bite Me! Left off after A.J. and Ryan finally except that they are now brother and sister...well at least thats what they say ;) They decide this once they discover the truth about each other, AJ. and her family are vampires and Ryan and his family are warlocks. Plus their parents are going to have a baby, a baby that is prophesied to be the barer of the mark of both Frieceadan and the Serpentine clans. The baby would render the Serpentine's powerless because its blood will be the anti-serum to their venom. So they all must ban together to protect their family.

When Love Sucks! picks up, AJ is moving on, or at least that’s what she tells herself and Ryan decided to give his relationship with Lindsey a try. Despite their efforts, it is clear their feelings for each other are still nowhere close to that of a brother and sister. But a new vampire in town named Alexander Archer provides just the distraction A.J. needs. Only now she must choose beteew Sexy Lexy and her unwavering feelings for Ryan. Soon A.J.'s past catches back up and she is once again being hunted by the Serpentine's. Her mother is in intensive care and the evil father that abandoned her eight years ago maybe the only one who can save her. But what will he want in return? Just when you think that the story is all wrapped up Melissa Francis drops one more bombshell. You might see it coming (or at least be hopping for it) but you wont be disappointed ;)

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