Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Firelight by Sophie Jordan

I cant even believe how much I loved this book. I have not had a book keep me up until dawn for a while but this book did it! I just loved it. Everything about it. Sophie Jordan has written a young adult book that is exciting, empowering, and enticing! The reader cant help but fall head over heals for Will (the sexy hunter) and empathize with Jacinda's situation.

Jacinda is Draki. She is the descendant of dragons. The Draki can shift between human and dragon form. Her pride has lived in the mountains, hidden by the mist. Jacinda is a fire-breather, the first one in hundreds of years. This makes her a precious commodity to her pride. Property. Jacinda is tired of being told what to do and having her path chosen for her (including her future mate, Cassian).

When Jacinda, in an act of rebellion, sneaks out to fly at dawn (they are forbidden to fly unless under the cover of nightfall) and is almost caught by hunters. Her mother forces her to flee the pride with her sister in tow before her punishment can be carried out. Adapting to the human world is difficult for Jacinda, she hates that her her draki spirit is fading. Then she sees a familiar face at school. The hunter who let her go. She knows that he is dangerous but he is the only thing that awakes the draki inside her. But dating a hunter is impossible. How can she ever let down her guard when it could not only cost her her own life but risk the only secret that has protected her kind.

This book is so amazing. The whole time Jacinda is torn between giving her mother and sister the normal human life they both crave and refusing to let her inner draki die. I think it is great to read about such a strong character. Jacinda is determined not to lose the only part of her that truly makes her happy. And on a lighter note could Sophie have written Will any hotter? I think NOT! He is probably the best male love interest I have read in a while. Oh and just to give those of you who have not read it yet another teaser. Will has a few secrets of his own....

Read it ASAP I promise you will love it. Warning it is a series so be prepared for a gut wrenching cliffhanger!!

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