Friday, September 24, 2010

Bite Me! by Melissa Francis

Bite me was a quick read. It was fast paced and enjoyable. A.J. Ashe is a seventeen year old vampire trying to live a normal life in Mississippi. Her five month relationship with her boyfriend Ryan is cut short when her mother marries his father. Since dating her stepbrother has been forbidden my their parents A.J. reluctantly ends things. To tell you the truth the situation is very Brady Bunch (not meaning the story is cheesy or anything). Rick is the father of three dark haired boys: Ryan, Oz, and Rayden while A.J's mom has three blond girls (all vampires): A.J, Ana, and Ainsley. So you can see how very “Brady” it looks lol

Unfortunately Ryan and A.J's feelings for one another refuse to waver. Even pushing him away and his budding relationship with someone else cant snuff out the flame. As if her love life wasn't stressing her enough, things become complicated when a classmate begins stalking her. He is a vampire and A.J. may have been the one to turn him. Plus her best friends are fighting and dragging her along for the ride.

This was a cute book and definitely left me want more. The sequel is called Love Sucks!

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