Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My first Review - Fallen by Lauren Kate

Fallen was the best book I have read since the Twilight series (when it is all said and done it may even be better!). I know what you’re thinking "Better then Twilight! This woman has lost her mind!” Bare with me, I said it MAY be better then Twilight. I think that Lauren Kate did a really good job of setting up a foundation for a really amazing series. For all of those Twilight lovers out there (myself included) you get mystery, forbidden romance, and a whole slue of great characters. My point is that Twilight alone was a great book but for me it was the series as a whole that truly set it apart form other books I have read. Fallen has that same potential!

Luce is the narrator of the story. She is plagued by visions of shadows and the knowledge that she may be responsible for the death of her boyfriend. After his death she is sent to a boarding school for troubled teens (so to speak). Immediately Luce knows that this place is very different from the prep school she left behind. She meets a lot of interesting people on her first day but the one who catches her attention the most is Daniel. From the first moment that Luce sees Daniel she is drawn to him.

Daniel does not appear to feel the same. He goes out of his way to avoid Luce…or so it seems. Cam on the other hand has a big interest in Luce and he does not try to hide it. Warning!!! The next few sentences may contain spoilers….. Forbidden love, Reincarnation, Angels, and Demons play a big role in the plot of the story. Luce is about to find out that nothing is what it seems and that she may be a key player in a battle that has been raging for centuries.

I loved every single detail that Lauren Kate wove into this story. I was left with so many questions (in a good way) and the NEED FOR MORE!! If you have any doubt whether this is a book for you just read the first chapter and you will be hooked. Torment (book 2 in the series) is on its way, September 2010 can't come soon enough!

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Carole said...

Thanks for your review! I have this in my TBR and now, I absolutely have to read it!

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