Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Darkest Powers Series by Kelley Armstrong

I read this series in about a week. I am so glad that I started the series now (after they were all out). I don’t think I would have been able to wait for a year in between the second and third. This is truly a series in the sense that you will need to read the whole thing to get the big picture. I don’t recommend you pick up the second or third book before reading the first. You will not get the full effect. Anyways, that being said….

The Summoning

The series starts here with Chloe Saunders. Chloe’s mother died when she was young and her father is a workaholic who is rarely in town so she spends a lot of time with her aunt Lauren (her mother’s sister). Chloe is going about her business when BAM! (puberty officially hits) and she is suddenly plagued by visions of ghosts. And these ghosts are not content with a simple wave hello they demand attention! Cue hysterical fit while being chased through school by a rooting dead guy that only she can she…..Chloe is sent to a group home for troubled teens.

At first, Lyle House is not so bad. Chloe is told she is schizophrenic, but how is it her mind can create a hallucination of someone she has never met? Dealing with these issues is complicated enough but add a cute and charming Simon, his hulking and disgruntled brother Derek, obnoxious Tori, and fire obsessed Rae and suddenly Lyle house starts to seem like it hides a secret of its own. Escape maybe the only option…

The Awakening

 Escape was only somewhat successful. Now Chloe and Rae are being held in another facility and have been separated from Simon and Derek. Turns out that they were/are all subjects in a study on supernatural children by the Edison Group. Chloe is a necromancer, Simon is a sorcerer, Derek is a werewolf, Tori and Rae are witches….well there is a demon in there somewhere too. Anyways, not exactly a hospitable environment so once again it is time to get the heck out of dodge.

Tori and Chloe manage to rejoin Simon and Derek and they set off to find the guy’s father, he maybe the only one who can help keep them safe and answer all of their questions. Derek and Chloe spend a good chunk of time together in this book. After the first book it seems like Simon is the match for Chloe. I mean how could the grumpy werewolf be? Well I know that I was rooting for Derek since the end of The Summoning. I was so frustrated that Derek and Chloe were so reluctant to admit their feelings for each other.

The Reckoning

The last book in the series starts off in the safe house that the group escapes to after finding Andrew, who is a friend of Simon and Derek's dad. Derek is finally able to make the change into a wolf, which has been a very painful problem in the last two books. His feelings for Chloe are even more apparent in this book even though he refuses to express them to Chloe. Chloe is more confused in this book about her feelings for Simon and Derek as well. As the group learns more about what the Edison Group has been up to and what was done to them, they start to realize that friends may be enemies and enemies may be friends. This book brings the gang full circle and I was thoroughly pleased with the way it ended.

Plus it turns out they were not the only group that was experimented on…I can’t wait to read the next series Darkness Rising. The Gathering is scheduled to release in April of next year.

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