Friday, June 4, 2010

Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen is amazing! This book was actually the first book of hers I read and after I finished I just had to head out to the book store to pick up more. "Along for the Ride," is her most recent release and I can see why she has had the success she has. It was phenomenal! Just further justification for why, after reading this book, she became one of my favorite YA authors!

Auden is spending the summer with her father and his new family (a very young and very pregnant wife). While some things are changing Auden’s sleepless nights are not. Auden has missed out on all the normal experiences that a girl has in high school: friends, boys, parties, etc. because she was too busy being the perfect daughter for her mother. But her new job in her stepmother’s boutique introduces her to all that she has been missing…oh and did I mention Eli?

Eli is a loner and a fellow insomniac who she soon starts spending her long sleepless nights with. Soon Auden and Eli embark on a series of quests to introduce Auden to some of the things she has missed out on and maybe even get Eli to come to terms with a loss he has suffered.

All of the assumptions and judgments that Auden has made in her life about who people, what they are like, and how they should act are challenged. Maybe a girl can be "girly" while still being smart and kicking a little ass once in a while ;) Auden and Eli were a great contrast and made for an interesting romance. Loved it!! And I can’t wait for the next Dessen book...

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