Monday, October 4, 2010

Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

Oh Bleep! I Bleeping loved this book! This was so cute. Evie is a lovably character, she even has a pink taser she named "Tasey" that she uses to neutralize or "neuter" paranormals.  I felt drawn into the story more then some other recent reads. Evie is special, she can see past paranormal glamours (a sort of fake appearance that is projected to the world). It is this ability that has made her an asset to the International Paranormal Containment Agency (IPCA) in their attempt to regulate and contain paranormals. Since Evie is the only one of her kind she is kept on a tight leash by Raquel, her boss/guardian. Evie has always thought of herself as normal but it turns out she is more then she seems and she may be more dangerous then anyone thought possible.

Evie's best friend, Lish (a mermaid) added humor to the story with her computer generated vocabulary. Since she lives underwater she is unable to speak like a human so a computer does her talking for her. Swear words are not translated so anytime Lish uses one it just comes out as “bleep.” Evie picks this up and tends to bleep things a lot. lol

Reth, Evie's ex (a faerie) is alluring but dangerous. He seems to have a hidden agenda that Evie cant quite seem to figure out. On top of all her issues with Reth paranormals start turning up dead and no one can explain why. When a strange shape shifting boy breaks into the IPCA Evie is drawn to him. He has a life on the outside: a family, friends, and even a locker! I must admit it was a little weird to see the attraction of Lend when he is first introduced since she can see under his glamour to what he really looks like. He is described by Evie as looking like water and light.. But my hesitation faded as the story went on and I totally fell in love with Lend right along with Evie. They are perfect for each other. He knows that Evie loves him for who he really is since she can see who he really is and Lend warms Evie's heart (you'll understand that when you read it). Together Evie and Lend will have to uncover a dark faerie prophecy and save all paranormal creatures.

I highly recommend this book. And if you love at much as I do you will be happy to know it is a series!!! Yay!! Supernaturally (Paranormalcy #2) is scheduled to release September 2011!

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