Monday, October 18, 2010

The Candidates by Inara Scott

What if every time someone you cared about was in danger or threatened strange things happened? What if people got hurt? This is Dancia Lewis's reality. The only way she can keep from hurting people is to avoid getting close to anyone. She gets average grades, has a drab wardrobe, and makes every attempt to blend into the background. So when a recruiter and a student from the prestigious Delcroix Academy come by her grandma's house and offer her a full ride she is left wondering why they chose her.

She does not fit in with the typical student. She is not rich, important, or a genius. In fact she is starting to think even her telekinesis is not all that special compared to some of the other students. Dancia tries to continue with her previous routine and stay under the radar but she cant seem to help making friends.

Then the guy she recently helped escape a persuer shows up at Delcroix, Jack the dark and mysterious trouble maker seems to gravitate to her. Jack was accepted to Delcroix under similar circumstances and unlike Dancia he refuses to let his questions go unanswered. And then there is Cam (her student recruiter) the hottest guy on campus who seems to be going out of his way to make sure Dancia is comfortable at Delcroix. Jack's suspicions are justified when he uncovers the secrets that the Delcroix faculty and even Cam are hiding. Who can Dancia trust? And who will Dancia choose Jack or Cam?

 I thought that this book was good but it could have been better. The characters were interesting but they could have been explored more. I also think that despite the reveal of Delcroix's “secret” there is not much more to the story. I like when a story has many revelations along the way. This one really didnt. BUT....This is a series so I am sure that the next books will provide more background info and develop the characters more (at least I hope). I was torn on my rating but I decided to go with four stars because I was never bored reading it and I read it in a day so it must have kept me interested. I will pick up book 2 The Watchers when it comes out next year.

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