Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Seven Rays by Jessica Bendiner

This story was good but not great. I had really high hopes for this book because the plot is very good. Beth Michaels receives an anonymous message that says, “You are more than you think you are.” Then Beth starts seeing things that she can’t explain. She suddenly sees pink dots everywhere and is able to look into people's pasts, their fears, their secrets, their desires. All Beth really wants is for it all to stop. Unfortunately when you tell someone you are having hallucinations the only thing they think is “Crazy!” Beth is inclined to believe them, but similar messages keep arriving and soon it seems like Beth has a much bigger purpose then she ever dreamed and never wanted.
I was a little frustrated by the terminology used. As a fan of young adult books I am accustom to the use of age specific dialogue. So that being said don’t miss understand me when I say that for a young adult book I felt like it was a little juvenile at times. The main character is supposed to be smart (graduating early) but she uses words like feelsees, grooze, and talk’s way too much about bodily functions. If you have read some of my other reviews you know how I feel about all the bodily fluid talk (see my review of Blue is for nightmares).

The love story wasn't as well developed as I would have liked either. One of my favorite parts of paranormal romance is the ROMANCE and it was kind of lacking. The love interest kind of just wakes up in love with Beth and even has a sudden psychic connection to her. There is a feel strange scene involving a hotel room and an iPod. I won’t give too much away but it was the weirdest love scene ever. The main issue I have with the romance in this book was that after I was done I was left wondering if it was even real love or some kind of "spell." Anyways, the over all idea behind the book was really good the execution just wasn't right. I hear that there will be a sequel. I might pick that one up...we'll see.

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